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"Are you looking for a sensual interaction that goes beyond an escort service? Do you want a woman to excite you mentally as well as erotically, to stimulate all your senses? At Virginia Mistress, receiving pain and torture is not a necessity; however your undivided attention is a must."

What is Virginia Mistress?

The Virginia Mistress is a service designed for practioners of BDSM - Mistresses, Masters, submissives, fantasists. It's a place you can call  to play out fantasies in a clean, safe environment. Professional Mistresses, Masters and submissives the Virginia Mistress because of it's world wide reputation as a centre of excellence.

Many of those Mistresses, Masters and submissives advertise their services on this web site, and they invite you to meet them and negotiate a session. The Virginia Mistresses task is to facilitate your mutual pleasure. 

Lose Control With The Virginia Mistress

History of the Virginia Mistress

For the first time in the Hampton Roads area there is a stable establishment run by benign management that set out to create an environment that is both functional and tasteful, discreet and professional in every respect.

Our mistresses began conducting sessions through a local service in the area. After several years of working for the service, she realized  that good intentions are no substitute for hands-on experience in this most unusual of businesses.  

 In BDSM as in most fields, the best are attracted to centres of excellence. Pro Dommes like to conduct their sessions in the best environment and with others who have the same high standards. Mistress Katherine, who herself continues to actively participate as a dominant and in 'switch' sessions, has a realistic understanding of what motivates and satisfies the instincts to dominate or to submit, and of the physical environment required.

The Virginia Mistress, You, and The Law

The legal status of BDSM varies widely around the world. The Virginia Mistress is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of  Virginia.  As a client of Mistresses or others at , there are no laws that impinge on you. You may carry out a session with absolutely no fear of any statute relating to your BDSM activities*. Such regulations as exist apply to the practioners, the Mistresses, submissives and Masters, and the proprietor of the establishment rather than to the client.

In less enlightened jurisdictions, some BDSM practitioners pretend that what they do is not "sexual" in an attempt to circumvent local laws, or else they offer a limited range of services.

This does not mean that we do not have to comply with laws. On the contrary, we have routine inspections by Health, Work Safety and Municipal Authorities. This means that you can be sure there are government instrumentalities whose job is to ensure that we comply with best practice.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, Code of Virginia, Section 18.2-347., it is illegal and unlawful for any person to keep any bawdy place, or to reside in or at or visit, for any immoral purposes such any bawdy place. This covers all sexual activity, including BDSM. It also includes non-sexual activities carried out at the premises, such as bondage and other BDSM activities.  Unlike some other unfortunate people, we don't have to pretend that BDSM is not sexual in it's nature. Therefore, you will have to set the session up in your own facility, be it your house or hotel room, leaving you to enjoy your session in a safe and sane environment.

*naturally, you still have to comply with the normal law of the land. The Virginia Mistress does NOT condone bad behaviour, illegal drugs, drunkeness or dangerous play. 


Virginia Mistress Ethics

The essential ethic of all BDSM practice is mutual consent. To discipline without consent is assault. To carry out a sexual act without consent is rape. Virginia Mistress, in line with the entire BDSM scene does not condone any act that does not have the explicit consent of the submissive partner.

There is a perception that Bondage and Discipline will result in crimes of violence and depravation. There is no doubt that unfortunately some criminals are depraved and sadistic and tie up their victims and inflict hideous acts on them. These individuals are a blight on any society. But this stands in the same relationship to the BDSM 'scene' as does rape to making love. The act may appear the same, but one is criminal and the other is loving. The Dominant seeks out a partner who will submit, the submissive seeks out a partner who will dominate. The criminal seeks out a victim, the victim has no say in the matter and certainly does not seek out the criminal.

Implied in consent is the responsibility of the dominant partner in any BDSM scene to monitor the well being of the submissive, to ensure that the submissive is stable and that the consent is still operative.

It is also the responsibility of a dominant to ensure that a submissive is not consenting to an act that is not in his or her best long term interest. Obviously nobody can be certain of the outcome of any act, but it is a responsibility to monitor the submissive as conscientiously as possible.

Neither partner should indulge in heavy drinking or drug taking as this can impair judgement resulting in serious accidents.

Safe Words. It is accepted practice to use a 'safe word' in a BDSM scene. This may be a code word, or in some cases an action. At Salon Kitty's, the standard word is "mercy", but the word varies from scene to scene, and should be established by the parties before a scene begins. In BDSM scenes, the literal word 'no' is never used as a safe word. It is a case where no rarely means no. But even so, a skilled dominant is always alert to what is going on. Submissives not infrequently reach a trance like, almost metaphysical state, and it is the responsibility of the dominant to monitor this.

Given that scenes only happen with consent, there is considerable philosophical discussion as to whether a submissive is controlling a scene by giving or withdrawing consent to particular activities. The passive partner may well withdraw consent as soon as the dominant begins an activity they don't like. Pedantically speaking, a dominant/submissive relationship does not exist unless this element of consent is removed, but this is a problem only for the purist. In the real world, judgement must be used.

If you are interested in any of the many areas of BDSM, and Domination and Submission we encourage you to carefully explore yourself in a safe, healthy, harm-free way. Never force someone into a BDSM 'scene' against their will. Criminal bondage and sadism are sometimes confused with the loving relationships which are part of our scene. In order to enjoy the possibilities that the world of BDSM offers, one must first discover respect and trust, both of oneself and of others. The development of trust and respect governs how far the dominant and submissive can explore their levels.

Many submisives will seek out a dominant whom they feel will extend them. They will look for a dominant who will enable them to submit to higher levels of pain, discomfort, or forms of humiliation, all for the purpose of giving the dominant pleasure. This request often comes from the submissive, therefore the dominant needs to know just how much further they can push their submissive into the area the submissive wishes to extend. It is a very complimentary and symbiotic form of relationship. One partner cannot work without the other.

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